First of all sorry for the crap photo i edited it quickly to post online to show friends; but this photo shows a cellar door in an abandoned house i once entered, it had been shifted within the 10 minutes i was recording on the other side of the house.As a project a group of my friends and i were to tape a horror trailer, about a story called ‘the abandoned house’, us being teenagers and wanting to get a good grade.. decided to actually go to an abandoned house.It was an absolutely terrible night to film because it was raining quite heavily and it was 8pm and pitch black. Originally we were going to just tape outside of the house and edit it until it looked decent, because even the outside was pretty creepy, having all of the windows boarded up and the house overall was just very unappealing. This house was in a very rich area and is basically a giant eye sore in a lovely neighborhood. Even though I am usually the biggest coward, i decided I really wanted to tape inside the house to get good footage for our trailer. We had all walked around to the other side of the house to find a window with a piece of the ply board already teared off, as if someone has already tried to get it off or something.. (teenagers partied in the house and thats why it was boarded up in the first place)I guess my first signal to not go in, was when i was trying to rip the plywood off the window and a giant shard of glass came crashing down, almost catching my arm, the sheet of glass was huge, as if the entire window had just crashed down.. It probably would have been an awkward trip to the hospital if i hadn’t of moved. But even though i almost got a chunk of my arm cut off, i really didnt care and just wanted to film and go back to my friends house. I am a 16 year old girl, very petite and the smallest one out of everyone there; meaning i was forced in first.. the window was about a metre and a half above the ground and i had two people hold me while i put my feet in first, in the video i have provided the link to (which was footage i used in the trailer) I point very very briefly at the cellar door then back up to the stairs, i then enter the room opposite to cellar and tape in there for around 5-7 minutes (i edited it so not all of the footage of me walking around is there) i then left the rooms and walked into the room with the cellar, there was a creepy broken refrigerator opened and all of the way and wallpaper was peeling off of the walls, there were stains everywhere as well. As i am turning around in the video you see the cupboards and my friend walking away from the camera; and then the cellar comes into view and you can tell quite obviously that the cellar door is completely shifted off of where it usually sits.. my friends were too scared to even video tape the ending scene, and were with me the entire time i was filming..so to think it was them who moved it when they refused to do anything is very unlikely..My friend had mentioned briefly that he thought the cellar door was closed when we had come in, but i shrugged it off and told him to be quiet.. Until we went back to my friends house and started reviewing the footage. That was when we decided to compare the footage from when we came in to when we were leaving and they were obviously different. My grandparents let me know that cellar doors that old arent something you could easily move without some sort of dragging noise, so i am really still creeped out about it all. (in the end of the video where you see the toilet, that is where we had entered the house.. the bathtub was flipped over the mirror was smashed and right beside the window was a gigantic hole someone could of fell into)Overall I don’t really know what to think about it, I figure my friends would fess up to something like that and they genuinely were scared too. Everything was taped in one consecutive video before i had edited it for my project, so i really don’t know how the cellar door shifted.
Here is some of the footage i taped that night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frORoxJwNzw
By the way really enjoy your blog :)

'Eyes' in the Cave
Phantoms and Monsters received this from Sean Forker on April 8th, 2014. What do you think these are?

This photo was taken in 1895 by an amateur spelunker/photographer named Oren Jeffries while exploring an unmapped section of Grand Caverns, in Southwestern Virginia. At the time it was taken, Jeffries was conducting photographic experiments, using super long exposures to see if anything at all could be captured in the total absence of light—otherwise known as “cave darkness.” He would situate himself on level ground, extinguish his lantern, and then open the lens of his homemade box camera for as long as he could stand the darkness. During one of these experiments, he heard something approach from the deeper recesses of the cave. Frightened, Jeffries abandoned his experiment and set off one of the Blitzlicht flashes he used for taking traditional photos underground. According to the report he later gave to a local newspaper, Jeffries saw three “humanoid” creatures staring at him from the shadows and took off running in the other direction and didn’t stop running until he was topside. Several days later, he returned with three other men to retrieve his box camera. This is the image that was recorded on the film inside.

[Lon Strickler, Phantoms and Monsters]